So Pink Is My Fave Colour… Can You Tell?

Like most little girls, pink was my all-time favourite colour. Everything always had to be pink, whether it was hair ties, pajamas or toy ponies… it all had to be pink! And I can’t say much has changed really, I’m still pink-obsessed. Like really obsessed. Hence why I decided to share a few of my favourite new pink […]

Currently Lusting: Elizabeth Arden’s SUMMER ESCAPE Limited Edition Colour Collection 2014

Wowzers! Is this not the most gorgeously packaged cosmetics collection you’ve ever seen? I am seriously head over heels in love with this new SUMMER ESCAPE Limited Edition Colour Collection by Elizabeth Arden. Thinking back over the years, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about the actual packaging of a cosmetics collection –  I think […]

Ladybird Nails

This season is all about the birds and the bees, or in this case ladybirds/ladybugs (which is it? Is there a difference between a ladybird and a ladybug? We’ll never know). Anyway, this design is super simple and super cute, so as usual read on for the tutorial! What I Used: – OPI Nail Envy […]

Win 1 of 5 INNOXA Prize Packs

Enter the draw to win one of five INNOXA prize packs including 2 x INNOXA Satin Sheen Lipsticks and 1 x INNOXA Invisible Lip Shaper. INNOXA has been one of my fave lippy brands for a while now, it combines quality (it’s made in France people!) with affordability which always tops my list when it comes to cosmetics. […]

How I Grew My Hair Longer In 3 Months

Having gloriously long mermaid hair has always been a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve been trying to grow my hair ever since I was about 12-years-old, but for some unknown reason my hair always seems to just ‘stop growing’ once it gets to a certain length (does anyone else have this problem or am I just weird?). So after continuous failed […]

Win 1 of 3 RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioners

Want long eyelashes? Yeah you do! The lovely ladies from Revitalash have given me three Advanced Eyelash Conditioners to giveaway. Those of you that follow my blog will know that RevitaLash is my absolute No.1 favourite beauty product of all time.  This magical serum helps to grow those beautiful, long eyelashes we all lust over in our everyday […]

I Always Feel Better After Having A Shower

The idea of coming home to a nice hot shower always seems to make me feel better. It’s as if the hot water cleanses my mind, as well as my body… and it’s particularly noticeable if I’ve had a really stressful day. Does anybody else get that feeling, or is it just me? I find the hot water helps to release (or wash away in […]

Daisy Nails

Everybody loves daisies, and with the added gold studs this particular design is just the right mix of girly and edgy. I bought these studs in a set online at but you can get them on ebay, trademe, or any craft store. Want the look? Here’s how: What You’ll Need:                  –        OPI Ridge Filling Base […]

My Pretty Little Birthday Treats

Want to see what I got for my birthday? Yeah you do! *Note: I may sound like a bit of a brat in saying this, but I got waaayyy more than what I featured below. Just saying… Among my faves were candles, jewellery, perfume and clothes. You can never go wrong with any of the […]

10 Reasons Why Girls’ Nights Are Forever Essential

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you always need to make time for those regular ladies’ nights. Think back to all those crazy nights out, all the dramas and of course… all the heartaches. They were there through all of it! Check out my 10 reasons why girls’ nights are forever essential. 1. To […]